Blogs: A New Chapter

A New Chapter

Heather Ramsey Clark

I've never been known for sitting still too long.  I guess music is no exception!  It's a blast to be a musician – our job in the world seems to be to shatter barriers and avoid the status quo whenever we see it approaching.  It's also a hard road to be a musician – no one tells you you have to be a marketer, a music-maker, a financier and a tech junkie in order to keep up.  Once you figure that out, if you still have any interest in a career in music at all, then it's time to figure out what on earth you want to sing/play/share.  

So it happens that in 2014, after much deliberation, I made the decision to (using a new metaphor) start a new chapter in my musical journey.  After connecting with Nashville producer Michael Whittaker, I decided to embark on recording a new project with a new sound, a new look and a new purpose I find applicable to all of us living in the third decade of our lives and staring down the road at the fourth: who am I and what am I doing here?  My learning process on that topic in each decade has been what I would consider slow and painful, but necessary, to figure out that I can't and shouldn't settle for just one thing, be it genre, or look, or husband, if it's a bad fit.

I'm looking forward to sharing something that hasn't been shared before, and to creating something beautiful and new, and totally me.  Hopefully it will speak to you to.  If it doesn't, well, I still have to share it anyway!


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